Home Design

A new year and a new home! If that is your motto, here are some trendy home decoration tips for you to think about this 2020.

Artisanal fixtures are in

The New Year brings in new style choices and this year seems to be the year customized pieces are going back in. Many homeowners are becoming more and more conscious of what they put in their home and many are opting for unique pieces such as lighting fixtures. Often hand-crafted and totally one-of-a-kind, these pieces make the home more personal and give the space a central focus.

Incorporate natural elements

If you’re as obsessed with social media as I am, I’m sure you’ve seen a few personalities showcasing their almost tropical-like home decor. They’re bringing in a lot of plants into their indoor spaces to give it a more natural vibe. This is a totally doable and total departure from the tech- and industrial-obsessed decor that dominated 2018. With the greens, add little hints of concrete, copper, and stone to balance the theme.

Are you ready for velvet?

Yup, this New Year also brings in new material for home decoration. Velvet doesn’t have to mean stuffy and old fashioned. Think of it as luxurious and comfortable. Velvet is multi-dimensional and multi-purpose and many designers have started using this material in many of their projects.

You can’t go wrong with floral

We might still be in the dead of winter but a little floral is all you need to look forward to spring. Classic and classy, floral decorations are also making a comeback this year. They freshen up as well as modernize any space.

Black-and-white is in

For years, decorator shave shied away from black and white, thinking of these colors as too contrasting. Both colors are at the end of the color spectrum and totally clash with each other. But there are so many ways you can incorporate these two totally opposing colors into your home this New Year. Think black sofas and chairs and white throw pillows, sexy black and white marble, even black and white tiles.

Go geometric

Geometric patterns have seen an increasing trend over the last couple of years. At this point, you literally see geometric patterns everywhere; on t-shirts, pants, and yes, even in interior decorating. The problem comes when geometric patterns are incorporated in virtually every aspect of the home, from curtains to cups and plates. There is such a thing as less is more. These patterns might draw the eye’s attention unto the object or decor but it can induce a headache if used excessively.

Canopy beds anyone?

Who doesn’t want to sleep like royalty? A four-poster bed might be overdoing it but there’s a trendy workaround for that. How about a canopy bed? At first glance, these beds look and feel regal and luxurious. It can help create a relaxing sleeping environment, one you actually like spending time in. But before jumping into the canopy craze, you should first consider the size of the bed relative to the room. A canopy bed in a tiny room might make the room cramped and bulky.

Copper accents

Forget rose gold, the year 2020 is all about going back to basics and adding some old school metal elements like copper into the mix. Copper’s orange and red tones and its overall earthy tone give a breath of freshness for the new year. It can be used as accents or a focal point in a room. Think copper lighting fixtures, vases, and cabinet hardware.

Move away from muted

Muted colors can help make the space feel stuffy and overwhelming but for the year 2020, it’s time to step up your interior decorating game and go for bolder colors. It’s the start of a new decade, after all, the perfect time to be a little braver. Go for richer tones for your home this year like dramatic reds, bold yellows, and lush greens.