Planning to do a house remodel? Then you should hire a qualified remodeling contractor. Here’s what you should look for.

Get recommendations

The first thing you have to do in looking for the right remodeling contractor would be to ask for recommendations. You can talk to friends and relatives who have undergone a recent home remodel or simply contact experts in the field and ask if they know someone with the right experience and skill to handle the job. A good contractor will be easy to contact and will be transparent about their previous projects.

There are different ways you can start compiling a list of possible candidates. One, you should seek help from other homeowner friends and families for recommendations, especially those who have undergone recent home renovation projects. Next, you should search online for the kind of service you need within your area. Most likely a few contractors will be conscious enough to advertise their services on the web, either through social media or other websites. In checking possible contractors online, don’t fail to check out reviews. Possible red flags to watch out for include contractors who are hard to get a hold of. You should also be wary of contractors who offer a ridiculously low bid for the project. And a professional contractor should be able to answer basic questions you have about the services they’re offering as well as previous jobs they’ve done.

Compare profiles

Look for contractors that specialize in the type of remodel you plan on doing. If you plan on remodeling your kitchen, you should look into contractors with extensive experience in this. A remodeling contractor with a background of design can also be helpful in some projects. Ask prospective contractors for their portfolio and compare them against each other as well as your requirements. Photos should include before and after the remodel and clear. In asking for a contractor’s portfolio, it should contain at least 10 previous projects with the recent ones within the last year or two. Ask for blueprints, sketches, or other types of plans for you to get an idea of how the contractor takes on a project.

Possible red flags to look out for include portfolios with too few projects, no pictures before the project, or photos that are of low quality. Also, keep in mind that most home renovation contractors only include their best projects so if what you’re seeing in their portfolio is not up to your standards, you should reconsider hiring the contractor for the job.

Ask for certification and licensing

Next is to ask for your candidates if they have any license and certification. It should match the type of work you plan on undertaking in your home. Make sure they carry the right license and certification to do the job safely and legally. Never work with a contractor who can’t provide this requirement. You should also make sure that every contractor you’re considering for the job has liability insurance in case they damage the home during the course of the project. The contractor, as well as workers in their employ, should also be covered by worker’s compensation. Make sure you ask for a copy of the contractors’ insurance policy and check that it’s up to date.

Write off any contractor that doesn’t have the right credentials. You should also be wary of working with someone who is hesitant to provide you with the information or takes too long in giving you the information you require.

Check for references

The last is to check references. Almost all reputable contractors will expect their customers to ask for a list of references and should have no problem providing that. Typically, they should be able to provide around ten jobs complete with names and addresses as well as contact information. In calling the references, ask if the contractor stayed on schedule. Also, ask if the job site was kept neat and tidy throughout construction.

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